Medjoul Moelleuses

  • weight 12-35 g
  • size 3.5kg 3kg 0.4 kg
  • bio bio
  • Storage temp -15°C 5°F
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King Solomon Perfectly ripe Medjoul Dates are beautiful and delicious, all natural mellow taste known as Nature's delicious gift.
Completely natural, carefully harvested by hand and selected one by one for maximum quality.   
Available all year round in Delicatessen special packaging.
Like all King Solomon dates, MEDJOUL PREFECTLY RIPE® dates meet and exceed BRC and Global Gap International standards.

The Medjoul Moelleuses is a Juicy and soft, meaty and sweet date. The origin of the Medjoul Moelleuses is Morocco, Known as the King of Dates due to it's size & taste.
Its size is 12-35 g and its shape is Elongated. It has a Light to Dark Mahogany Brown color and available Year Round.
Common uses of the Medjoul Moelleuses are Snack, Baking, dessert, fill with walnuts.
Storage temperature: -15°C 5°F
Store shelf: Refrigerated
Shelf life: 10 months