Bio-Organic Dates

A Way of Life
dedicated to organic farmers in Israel, believe natural methods of farming help cultivate a healthy land which, in turn, provides a pure and tasty date. Years of experiebce have convinced organic farmers that, for example, the use of compost as a natural fertilizer,the mulching of all vegetation in the date plantation, helps to increase the vitality of the soil, strengthening the tree and providing a rich and quality date.
Modern science, combined with ancient methods of our forefathers, such as a modern drip irrigation in this arid region has maximized the use of water. Also the use of owls, against rodents in the date plantation.

Full Supervision & Control
Bio-Top dates benefit from comprehensive supervision: The date plantation and the packaginghouse are all under supervision of the Israel Bio-Organic Association Agrior, which is the I.F.O.M & USDA Organic certified authority in Israel and the PPIS.
Bio-Top dates are marketed in Israel and around the world.

Processed Organic Dates
Organic dates are available in a wide range of varieties and packaging. The processed dates can be acquired as pitted processed dates, chopped dates, date spread, date honey, dattelle and date pulp.

Quality Harvesting
The harvest season of organic dates lasts from early August to the end of October.The first to be harvested are the fresh varieties, ensuring that their juiciness is maintained, followed by the semi-dry and dry varieties. The meticulous cultivation methods employed in growing organic dates assures a harvest of the juiciest, highest quality fruit.

Fresh dates: Hayani, Barhi.
Natural dates: Medjoul, Amari, Halawi, Deglet Nur, Deglet Nur branches, Zahidi, Zahidi branches.