MyJool is a Medjool date brand with a grand purpose: to provide a guilt-free time-out that makes consumers smile. In the morning, after lunch, while exercising, at work or on an outdoor adventure – MyJool is a blast of taste and energy that fills both body and soul with joy.

In addition to traditional date consumers, MyJool is a playful lifestyle-oriented brand that appeals to teenagers & young adults, mothers, pregnant women, and health & sport enthusiasts. MyJool is a superfruit and a perfect everyday snack.



The MyJool brand comes in sleekly designed, easy to carry packages:

  • The Green Palms Package- 3 dates (50g/ 1.76 oz.) The perfect personal package for on-the-go pleasure. Available in a display master of 12 or 24 personal packs.
  •  The Sunny Orange Package (200g/7.05 oz.)
  • The Red Sunset Package (400g/ 14.11 oz.)
  • The Turquoise Oasis Package (600g/21.16 oz.)
  • The Midnight Blue Super Fresh Package (400g/14.11 oz.)


*Organic packages are available for all MyJool product line.

MyJool's new packages are 100% recyclable.

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King Solomon

King Solomon is one of the world's most beloved premium Medjool date brands. The majestic quality of King Solomon evokes ancient biblical stories, in which dates were associated with royalty, affluence and healthy nourishment. 

Known for their juicy texture and delicious flavor, King Solomon dates are harvested just as they reach optimum ripeness. The King Solomon date is a Medjool date with regal characteristics, which has become a favorite among traditional health enthusiasts and sweet connoisseurs alike.



The king Solomon brand is available in large 5 Kg packages:

  • Super Jumbo Premium Black Diamond
  • Jumbo Premium
  • Large Premium
  • Medium Premium
  • Junior Premium
  • Fresh Medjool (Bonbon/Perfectly Ripped) – 3-3.5kg package.

*Organic packages are available for all King Solomon product line.