About Us

We are Hadiklaim – Israel Date Growers' Cooperative, the world's market leader in the Medjool date variety.

Since Biblical times, our region’s ideal climate and geography, expressly the arid weather and specific humidity conditions, have allowed to produce crops of high-quality dates.

As a cooperative comprised of only date farmers, our mission is to preserve ancient traditions along with advanced agricultural methods and equipment. We are proud to shape the global industry’s quality standards by pioneering the use of advanced standardisation, ensuring the end customer a uniform taste experience of our finest, juiciest dates.

Our brands include King Solomon and MyJool. We export our 9 date varieties to 50 countries in 5 continents, leading the global market in the much coveted Medjool variety.

In order to supply our customers with top quality products and services, we strive for excellence in production methods as well as constant and uncompromising quality. We are pleased to provide our products to the world's leading retailers, including the largest in the world.

Since 1982, Hadiklaim has been driven by passion, loyalty to our legacy and history, and ambition to further promote agricultural science.


Our Quality Standards

Hadiklaim has a proven reputation for consistently delivering the highest quality dates and this is combined with outstanding customer service and reliability.

Whatever the quality criteria - size, color, lack of blemishes, consistency, taste, shelf-life, and humidity retention - Hadiklaim regularly achieves the highest marks in the industry. Stringent attention to all quality factors has made Hadiklaim the official supplier to leading retail chains in the UK and a favorite throughout Europe.

Hadiklaim growers and packing houses have approvals from international standard-setting bodies - BRC, GLOBAL GAP, Bio USDA and IFOAM - as well as the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture and the Israeli Bio-Organic Agriculture Association.
All Hadiklaim dates, meet and exceed BRC and Global Gap International standards.

Our Brands

Hadiklaim name brands - King Solomon® and MyJool are among the most sought-after dates in the world.



Hadiklaim is a cooperative bringing together the produce and capabilities of Israel's leading date growers.

Some of our members are relatively large cooperative farms known as kibbutzim. Others are small or medium-sized private growers, often family-run businesses that have been date growers for generations.
Hadiklaim date farms stretch the length of Israel, from the Sea of Galilee in the north through the Dead Sea region, to the Arava Desert down to Eilat.

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